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An After Builders Challenge Accepted and Completed

After Builders CleaningFastKlean was recently approached by Styles and Wood Ltd to provide a quote for an after builders cleaning and a big one off deep cleaning service for a large office building. The office space is on 7 floors and is an open plan design, which makes for a lot of ground to cover.

We are particularly happy to give quotes to our present clients, especially when there is an important project on the line. Our company understands the need to complete such grand projects quickly but also to a high standard, as any delays would only mean the office will not be able to open for work an extra day. That is why we took on this particular project as we were ready to give our best.

Earlier this month, we started off with 8 cleaning sessions. Each was performed by a team of 5 cleaning specialists, mainly specialising in an after builders cleaning with all its minor but important details. Apart from the usual cleaning services included in the after builders cleaning project, we also jet washed the flat roof – a total of 200 square metres cleaned to perfection by the most advanced gear.

In order to have everything cleaned to perfection, 6 more cleaning sessions were issued. Each of them consisted of a team of 5 cleaners working 8 hours for 6 consecutive days, Saturday and Sunday included.

As a result of our efforts, the building – Irongate House – with all its floors and open-office space was cleaned from top to bottom. Mind you, this was a tough after builders cleaning service, which needed to be carried out right after the construction crew were done with their work. As such, it was challenging, but we managed it.

Thanks to the dedication and expertise of our cleaning operatives, the project was finished on time. Our superb organisation and swift work allowed problem-free cleaning, carried out to the highest possible standards. We are glad that our long-standing clients have faith in our abilities and can promise that we will always do our best not to let them down.

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