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  • special offersBook our after builders cleaners today for a minimum of 5 hours at £16.00 plus VAT and you get 10% off from the total price. Click to book now!
  • Don’t throw away your carpets and replace them with new ones.  Hire a professional carpet cleaner today for £65.00 + VAT for two room coverage or complement it with other cleaning services for a minimum of £140.00 you get 10 % off from the usual rate. Click here to book!
  • When your curtains look dull and dirty, hire our curtain cleaning service for only £65.00 + VAT.  Or you can combine it with another cleaning service to get 10% discount from the total price.  Save now, Book today!
  • Have your rented properties ready for occupancy for the next tenant.  Hire our professional cleaners for end of tenancy cleaning and get 10% off the total price. Book now!
  • Make your hard floor shiny and new right now and book us for a minimum charge of £120 + VAT, hire a floor cleaner today. If your booking is over £150.00, then you will get 10% discount from us.  Book hard floor cleaning now!
  • Preserve you mattress for only £65.00 plus VAT and complement a mattress clean with carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, you get 10% savings from the total charge. Book a mattress cleaner today!
  • Book a regular office cleaner today and pay only £12.00+VAT per hour. Don’t delay, contact us right away. Click here to book!
  • Spring clean your private and commercial properties today for a minimum of 5 hours and pay only £14.00 per hour +VAT and you receive 10% from the total charge. Hire us now. Book spring cleaning today!
  • Rehabilitate your upholstery and hire a professional upholstery cleaner today for only £65.00 + VAT.  If you want 10% discount, you can combine it with another cleaning service such as carpet cleaning or mattress cleaning services. Book upholstery cleaning today!
  • Keep your windows gleaming and shiny.  Get rid of dust and dirt and hire us for window cleaning services for only £70.00 plus VAT.  We offer similar rates if you have a 3 bedroom property. For regular cleaning, book us for monthly window cleaning for only £50.00 plus VAT and pay £60.00 with additional VAT charges if you want quarterly schedules to clean your windows. Book here!

It’s A New Year:  Book any of our cleaning services and get 10% off now

The holiday season is finally over, and you have lots of catching up to do when it comes to cleaning your properties. Let us do it for you by choosing our different special offers and deals.

We have formulated a New Year’s cleaning package for you to help you deal with all that after-party mess.

  • One Off Spring Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning

Hire us for these three services and you get a special deal by giving you 10% discount. You still have until January 31, 2015 to take advantage of this amazing offer on the following cleaning services.  Book it right now.

  • One off spring cleaning, party help & after party cleaning – engage us today for a minimum of 5 hours and pay only £14.00 per hour plus VAT.
  • Carpet cleaning – starting at £65.00+VAT, you shall experience quality and superior results to clean your carpets.

Customer Loyalty Program

As part of our customer service and client satisfaction, we offer special deals and bonuses to our repeat customers.

  • customer loyaltyBook us for one year cleaning for a minimum of 5 hours per week, you get free carpet cleaning service equivalent to two rooms.
  • Hire us for a two year house cleaning contract and we shall give you 20% off on the second year of the contract.
  • Engage us for a three year home cleaning services and on the third year, you will only pay less 30% percent of the entire third year.

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