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An embassy-worthy after builders cleaning

after builders cleaning in LondonWe were part of a big renovation project which took place in the Czech Republic Embassy located in London.

Most of the rooms and apartments got a makeover and, given the importance of the building and work that was done, strict deadlines had to be met.

The renovation concluded on 28th of October and all cleaning jobs had to be carried out the same day. Many cleaning companies were asked for a quote, but it was FastKlean that got the cleaning project with the best quote after one of our representatives visited the premises.

Our company believes that if there is one thing that can usually speed up the work of builders, it is an adequate after builders cleaning service. That is exactly what we focus on at FastKlean.

With renovation work still ongoing, it is obvious that cleaning such a place is quite challenging. We have never been a company to shy away from a tough project, so it is no surprise our cleaners took on the task in a professional manner.

Our experts were engaged with cleaning over 14 apartments, large portion of which 4-bedroom, plus office spaces. In addition to addressing all of the after builders aspects of the cleaning service, we also had to clean windows inside and out as well as corridors.

All of our experts did a remarkable job and deserve congratulations. Without their devotion and expertise, we would have never been entrusted with this job. With 8 cleaning operatives that did a marvellous job on the premises, we can now safely say that the project was a complete success. It won’t be long before the embassy functions properly in a renovated building.

We look forward to more challenging projects like this in the future!

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