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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

privacy policyYour privacy and confidentiality are of great importance. As such, this site is managed by FastKlean, we shall ensure that these things are not violated and damage your trust and confidence with us.

Because we have to collect whatever relevant information from you in order to draw a contract, it is our duty to keep your details safe, and therefore, we also require our client to read all ideas related when it comes to privacy and confidentially.  As such, we would like to inform you of the important and relevant details that we would like you to share with us.

Data Gathering and Monitoring

Our cleaning company has the right to require personal and professional data from our clients.  It can be voluntary or optional depending on what is required on the online form provided on the website or as asked during phone conversations. With that, the client has the right to reserve the rights when it comes to receiving newsletters and other updates or surveys from us.

Methods of Gathering Information

  • Optional and Voluntary

We offer free information drive services. This is the reason why we need some important details in order for you to receive communications from us.  Such as the following:

  • Email newsletters – it is the prerogative of our customers to subscribe during registration or after doing so.  The client can choose to delete their account from the mailing list should they wish to do so. Otherwise, the company has the privilege of gathering relevant information in order for them to receive updates and newsfeeds from us.
  • Surveys – at times, we conduct feedback mechanisms in order to improve our services.  Thus, we require relevant information when you want to participate in this activity.  It is also our right to share all your information with our advertisers and sponsors but never to a third party.

Management of Customer Information

Our company occasionally use gathered information in order to achieve our objectives in giving ultimate customer satisfaction and superior services and results.  We do not have the motive to exploit these in any other form of malicious activities.  Rest assured that all voluntarily given data and details are used solely for the purpose of improving our services to you.

It is agreed that you willingly commit and subscribe to whatever online communications that we provide to our customers whether for updating, surveys, or any other form two way feedback mechanism.  Again, we at reiterate that in no way shall we share your details with any other third parties regardless of mechanics and form.

It is also our right to monitor what our readers, users, and clients are accessing with regard to our site.  It is important that we have to keep track of these motives in order for us to have better ideas on what aspects people are interested in us.  We do not monitor online activities for the sake of sharing and earning from third parties.  We are always binding ourselves with the confidentiality and privacy contract that you engage with us.

Sharing of Information

All of your data and details shared with us remain exclusive to us.  Exceptions are in order if mandated or ordered by federal laws and local ordinances. With that, we shall reassure you that, all information you provide is for the benefit of giving you consistent superior cleaning services at all times.

Security Matters

We understand that guardianship of vital and sensitive information is always a priority. Thus, we would like to inform that we always perform updating activities with regard to security matters such as passwords, profiles, and other relevant details.  All of our firewall mechanisms are of industry standard and everything that needs to be done to secure your account with us are always monitored and forbidden to other parties.

Optional Policies

In this section, we give the privilege to our clients to provide reservations when it comes to provision of information.

  • It is the prerogative of the client or customer to receive newsletters and other information campaign coming from us.
  • It is their discretion when it comes to voluntary participation in matters of interactive communication especially if there is a need for them to divulge more sensitive information or details.

Agreement of Consent

When you access this site, all information gathering methods are deemed to be accepted once you agree and fill out all data gathering methods embedded in this site.  All changes and alterations and amendments necessary for improvement of services and other relevant activities, we shall inform our clients prior to implementation.

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