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We are good at what we deliver

After Builders Cleaning for TK MaxxFastKlean was recently contacted by a construction company for an after builders cleaning service quote at a TK Maxx store. The company had carried out a big renovation project for the building on Tooting High Street and they needed to get the place clean when the work was all done.

Our representatives acted swiftly in estimating the price and almost immediately provided a satisfactory quote. It should be noted that our quotes are always accurate and that the price is always indicative of the service we provide.

The next day the company issued a purchase work order and we organised the service – a team of 4 professional cleaners to carry out the job plus delivery and collection of equipment.

What is so special about this case is that our client asked us to clean a very specific type of floor on a short notice – ember oak hardwood. Normally, this cleaning task wouldn’t be a problem, but due to the specifics of the floor and the dedicated cleaning equipment required, we didn’t think it’s possible on such a short notice. Naturally, we didn’t want to mislead our clients and end up affecting the end result of their marvellous work.

However, our cleaning company is not known to back away from a challenge and we began working on a solution. Our specialists recommended using our current machinery with one simple change to include softer pads. As soon as that was done, we concluded the deep clean and then addressed the floor.

To our delight, the cleaning improvisation was a Success! The floor was superbly sanitised and it looked amazing! The ultimate reward was the gratitude of our client and the fact that the store was ready to welcome people through its doors as scheduled.

It is cleaning projects like this one that lead to improvements and better cleaning methods and techniques. We are glad that we were of service and we are looking forward to the next challenge!

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