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Working within short deadlines is easy with us

After Builders Cleaning At times the job we do at FastKlean doesn’t seem like much, but that is only until one gets into the details of it. That is when it actually gets quite complicated. The actual cleaning process is just the beginning – it is organising matters with the client and executing the task within a short time frame that is more difficult and challenging.

We were contacted by a company that delivers functional retail design solutions. They had carried out a renovation project for the Lacoste shop in Westfield Stratford City shopping centre and needed an adequate after builders cleaning service promptly. ‘Promptly’ is just another word we use for cleaning sessions that are best carried out yesterday.

We have been in the industry for so long now that we know clients need to work within short deadlines. We recognised this was the case, so we immediately started working towards organising an effective service in a very short time frame. A quote was provided over the phone. It was an accurate estimate, which we calculated after having a brief look of nothing more but a plan drawing of the store. We dispatched a team of 2 cleaners to handle the after builders cleaning needs for a 150 sqm store. Because the builders were still wrapping up the work on site, our team had to clean extremely fast for a few additional hours issued by the client.

Despite the fact we had to make arrangements for equipment collection and delivery in accordance with Westfield’s strict site work permits regulations , we managed to complete everything in time. Having an integrated management system in place, we dealt with clients’ needs and requirements within very short time frames. In this case the cleaning was carried out just two days after the initial quote. We received an email of thanks and praise for our work and for our workers during the course of cleaning session, as they were especially happy with the outcome. The best cleaners of our company carried out the work with zero flaws.

We would be delighted to work again on a similar project, because we love challenges. In fact, what is considered a challenge for some is actually typical work for us, which we can easily deal with.

We recently carried out an after builders cleaning service for TK Maxx. Click here to read more about the project.

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