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cleaning companyIt is our prerogative to not offer any refunds and money back guarantees.  This is in line with the nature of our business which provides professional cleaning services. In the event the client is not satisfied with our services, we only need to finish the job and satisfy disappointments to complete the cleaning operation.

It is right not to provide exception when it comes to refund.  This is on the ground that transaction involves people and does not involve physical products or goods.  Once a contract is signed, the client has accepted all the terms and conditions involved in the contract including an understanding with our refund policy.

We are known in the industry as one of the best cleaning company. Therefore, we always encourage our customers to fully inspect areas commissioned for cleaning.  Once they have checked everything, they have the right to demand additional cleaning operation to satisfy their requirements and other cleaning specifications.

In the event, the client failed to give us feedback and deny entry to our cleaners to return to the building and finish the job, FastKlean has the right to refuse any refund, money back guarantee, and other forms of financial settlement.  We repeat our devotion to quality service and superior results, thus, from the start we hear from the customer for their input, provide them with a work plan for them to agree or revise, and inspect the job done after we finish cleaning their property.

Your legal rights as a client are not and in no way affected by our refund policy.

In the event that refund is unavoidable, it is at the discretion of our manager to decide on the whole process.

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