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Building Services For Your Homes and Offices

Builders LondonOur company is very proud to declare that we are also competent in building services.  Because we are famous for delivering quality service since 2001, expect that to find great satisfaction since it has the same mark of superior results like the rest of our cleaning service portfolio.

If you are in need of building services in London such as carpentry, tiling, painting, tile decorating, plumbing, heating, and other popular building works, you have to come to the right company. For you to know how we do it, read the following:

Carpentry – our tools and equipment are always in ready mode to provide a full range of carpentry jobs like flooring or decking, floor support, stairs, flights, and steps, safe installations and insulation, roof joints and eaves, fire protection system, roof decking, thermal padding and protection, gate suspension and hardware, kitchen units installation and repairs, window (including panels, frames, and boards) installation and repairs and etc..

Tiling – this job is very personal as it totally depends on the taste and preferences of the client.  We insure that their needs and requirements are factored into the work plan and practice flexibility so that we can totally satisfy our customers.  From decorating, floor and wall tiling, waterproofing kitchen, baths, stockroom, dining room, and other sections of the house, we guarantee that the customer will wear a smile from ear to ear due to awesome results.

Plumbing and Heating – we only work with the best therefore our plumbers are license holders and members of CORGI.  With that, they can tackle different types of plumbing and heating concerns like leaks, central heating issues, repairs and installations of taps, fixtures, water pipes and tubes, showers, boilers, drain cleaning and other similar problems.

Painting and Decorating – call us now if you want free estimate on painting your personal space, office areas, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial properties.  Our painters and decorators are truly excellent and you will discover brighter and unbelievable results.  Our building company provides specifically

  • Interior painting for private and commercial areas and properties.
  • Drywall repair
  • Wallpaper stripping, padding, layering, and lining
  • Hole filling
  • Door or House Portal Painting
  • Window Panel, Board, and Frame Painting
  • Handrail and Baluster Painting

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Toilet and Bath Painting – we specialise in the following:

  • Design, planning, supply and installation and using only high quality grade of tiles and matching grouts.
  • Rerouting of supply and outlet pipes
  • Floor levelling and smoothening
  • Bathroom ventilation and installation of windows and repairs
  • Repair, removal, and renovation of water valves, basins, and baths.

Kitchen Mending and Modification – we can help you create your dream kitchen.  We empathise with your need that it should be unique and match your needs and preferences.  We shall listen to your ideas, suggestions, and specifications governing all that you want with your ideal kitchen.  We will see to it that cabinets are properly fitted and installed and are very easy to use.

Loft Conversion – we all need additional space as our family grows over the years.  So, even now, you are probably considering converting your dusty and spacious loft into a colourful children’s room, library, or an office. Do not worry.  We are at your service.  We can transform and perform magic to create something unique and perfect for your home.  You only need to express your ideas to us and we will translate it for you with our building services.  You will be speechless with the results created by our company.  We can help you to achieve your design dreams. We can do it easily for you.  Just call us now and receive free consultation on this matter.

Extensions – all of us have unique homes with different interior and exterior design or styles.  Should you need extensions to your properties, we can do it expertly by just reading and working from your architectural drawings.  Should you decide to expand your homes, we will help you realise the project.

Handyman Services – we perform different installation and remodelling services specifically:

  • Windows and Other Ventilating Systems
  • All types of countertops in your kitchen
  • Home and Kitchen Appliances
  • All kinds of flooring
  • Walls
  • Doors and Other Home Entry Points
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing and Water System
  • General Carpentry Works

The best thing about FastKlean is that you do not have to hire another company should there be a need for after builders cleaning services click here.  It is one of the competencies that we are known to deliver excellently.

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