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Window cleaning tips on how to get better results

Window cleaning London is not something that needs doing on a daily basis, but it is something that you need to keep on top of at least monthly.

Dirty, smeared windows are not very attractive and can really ruin the look of your home. Therefore keeping your windows clean is very important.  If you can find the spare time to clean your windows then here are a few tips to consider.

Of course, all you need for a basic window cleaning is a sponge, a bucket of cold water and a measure of washing up liquid.

You can also create a formula consisting of one part white vinegar and one part water for a more effective homemade window cleaner that leaves no streaks on the glass.

Instead of a sponge you could use scrunched up, old newspapers to clean your windows, which is better for streak-free results.

Window cleaning also requires a lot of energy and elbow grease for a thorough job, which many of us do not have to spare in these hard times where we find ourselves working more hours to make ends meet. Then it’s best to call in a cleaning company to do the hard work for you.

Hiring window cleaning London is great if you lack the time or means to do it yourself.  There are many cleaning companies that use pioneering technology, such as the extendable, water-fed pole and pure water system that reaches up to six floors and produces superior results without the window cleaners having to climb up any wobbly ladders.

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