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Window cleaners for NHS properties in South West London

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Hello readers, we at FastKlean cleaning company in London have been approached by the NHS for a tender regarding window cleaning in South West London.  We have past the first stage of the tender and are currently preparing cleaning prices for window cleaning in ten large NHS buildings.

Any type of commercial property requires an attractive exterior and an immaculate interior, and no less can be said about hospitals and other properties of the NHS or indeed any emergency and health service.  Window cleaning is one aspect of a much bigger job to have such properties as clean as possible.  A massive job that has made the news due to its necessity and the fact that it will ultimately save lives!

Our window cleaners London are fully trained and highly skilled professionals that make use of pioneering window cleaning technology such as the water fed pole with extendable handle and pure water system.

Such window cleaning equipment is perfect for large buildings with up to six or seven floors because it doesn’t require the window cleaners London to climb up any unstable ladders or scaffolding. Instead the window cleaners can complete the entire task with their feet firmly on the ground.

The pure water system requires no soap or other cleaning products and removes all impurities in the water that might leave unsightly streaks on the glass after the window cleaners London have soaked and scrubbed them.  This technique has proven to deliver far superior results as opposed to the old bucket and sponge.

If you are the manager of an office, shop or any type of commercial property, and you need to have the windows cleaned then do not hesitate to call a cleaning company in London that provides experienced and fully insured window cleaners.  In no time at all the professionals will execute their work on those grubby windows and have the exterior of your property absolutely pristine.

We provide a variety of cleaning services to residential and commercial properties in London. For window cleaning Knightsbridge call 020 8884 9149 for a free quote.

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