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Exceptional window cleaning for a school in Islington

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Window cleaning experts can make you school sparkle.

Greetings readers, it has been a busy couple of weeks here at FastKlean Cleaning Company.  One of our representatives went to visit a school in Islington to assess the building and give a quote for internal and external window cleaning.

The school premises were very large and the building had a lot of glass for our window cleaners to shine.  Estimating the labour, time and cost was rather challenging in that respect.  In addition, the headmaster also wanted a quote for our professionals to perform wood and vinyl floor cleaning and polishing in the corridors, as well as carpet cleaning in the classrooms.

The headmaster wanted the window cleaning to be carried out over two days, and we had to organise our team for a mere two hour schedule per day.  Needless to say the window cleaners did an exceptional job making the building sparkle all over. The headmaster was so amazed by the results and kept calling us to say “thank you” for the job well done.

We hope that this is the start of a professional relationship with the school and we look forward to more work, providing the pupils and faculty with a clean and safe setting to learn and teach.

If your nursery, school, college or university is in need of a good window cleaning then do not hesitate to call a reliable and dedicated cleaning company that well exceed your expectations.

Our window cleaning specialists make use of the most state of the art technology, such as the water-fed pole with extendable handle to reach windows up to six or seven
floors high without the need to climb any ladders.  They also use a pure water system that requires no chemical products and leaves your windows sparkling without any
unsightly streaks on the glass.

We provide a wide range of cleaning services throughout Greater and Central London, including a few surrounding areas beyond the M25.  For window cleaning Islington call 020 8884 9149 for a free instant quote or to organise a visit from one of our representatives.

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