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An expert has urged homeowners to ditch their harsh chemical cleaners and replace them with more environmentally-friendly alternatives this spring cleaning season.

Thom England, an Ivy Tech Community College Instructor, said eco-friendly cleaning solutions are becoming much more readily available for consumers to obtain.

Speaking to the Indy Star, Mr England conceded that making the switch to green solutions can be difficult, but focusing on sustainability can help consumers spring clean their home without harming the environment.

“[It] was hard for me,” he admitted, adding: “I wanted to use bleach cleaners on everything.”

Mr England maintained that finding good cleaning products is not as hard as it once was and it is now much easier to purchase eco-friendly products in local supermarkets and retail outlets.

As well as making use of sustainable cleaning products, consumers were also advised to incorporate energy-efficient measures in their kitchens to improve energy conservation and recycling.

Ivy Tech College has installed a number of energy saving measures around its campus, including kitchens that use 50 per cent less electricity than normal and water collection systems.

Green living expert Matt Hickman recently highlighted the importance of using eco-friendly cleaning products around the house such as cellulose cloths, which are highly efficient and super absorbent.

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