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One off spring cleaning for a neglected house in East London

One Off Spring Cleaning

Hire one off spring cleaning to make your home sparkle like new.

Hello all, here is a small behind the scenes update from FastKlean Cleaning Company.  Last week one of our representatives paid a visit to a much neglected house in East London to provide a quote for a thorough one off spring cleaning.

Usually we would provide an instant quote over the phone if a potential client calls us, but because this was no simple assignment, we had to explore the property and estimate the hours of labour it will involve.  Before any of the one off spring cleaning could commence the home owner wanted every moveable object removed from the property in order for the professional cleaners to reach every nook and cranny.

The client was very impressed with our initial meeting and the cleaning price that was given, and we are now awaiting a reply as to whether or not we have the job.

We are more than confident that if our cleaning company is awarded this project that our one off spring cleaning professionals will work their hardest to transform the filthy house into a safe and clean environment to live in.

Our professional cleaners only use the most top of the range cleaning equipment and materials to carry out their top quality cleaning services.  In just a matter of hours they will have the place looking absolutely immaculate.

If you live a hectic lifestyle that is beginning to affect your home because you struggle to keep on top of the daily household chores, then don’t wait until the cockroaches and vermin move in; call a cleaning company in London that specialises in one
off spring cleaning

We provide a wide range of cleaning services in Greater and Central London, including surrounding areas beyond the M25.  For one off spring cleaning Hackney call 020 8884 9149 for a free quote.

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