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Professional Cleaning for student halls prior to the London 2012 Olympic Games

Professional Cleaning London

Professional Cleaning London

Hello readers, our cleaning company is excited to be invited to a tender for Professional Cleaning London by two university campuses wishing to convert their student halls into accommodations for a number of athletes during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games will take place during the summer when all of the students are at home.  This provides the perfect opportunity for the university and our cleaning company to play an important role during this greatly anticipated occasion, giving many athletes a clean and comfortable place to rest and relax before and after they compete in their events.

We are very confident in our proposal for Professional Cleaning London as well as the talent and experience of our professional cleaners.  If we are awarded this huge project our strong team of cleaners will use the very best equipment and cleaning products to really make the student halls totally immaculate and worthy for a potential Olympic Champion to sleep in.

Our Professional Cleaners London will be expected to complete a one-off deep clean for each dorm leading up to the launch of the Olympic Games, followed by regular cleaning on a weekly basis while the athletes are staying there.  This is truly a great opportunity for our cleaning company and we cannot wait to learn whether we are granted the agreement to perform this huge and exciting task.  Hopefully it will result in a prosperous relationship with the university.

If you are a landlord or a letting agency with vacant properties that require a thorough cleaning service, or you are the manager of a university campus and you wish to have the student halls made totally pristine before the students return, then do not hesitate to give us a quick phone call on 020 8884 9149 for more information regarding Professional Cleaning London and to receive a free quote.

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