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Professional Cleaning company helps construction firm ready their flats for occupancy

Professional Cleaning

Professional Cleaning

If you are one of those people following our blog, you might read about our client, one of the largest hospitals in London.  This client provided window of opportunity for us when the construction firm who elected the hospital was really impressed with our ceiling and builders cleaning performed after the construction was done.  They were on the final stretch of their construction of row of flats when they made contact with us through one of the supervisors who led the team with the hospital professional cleaning operation.  They wanted us to bid to clean the aftermath of the construction.

Professional Cleaning company

Part of the plan we presented to them, was to conduct pre-cleaning investigation in order to assess the extent of Professional Cleaning to be done before we tender our bid price.  We assured them during the negotiation we shall give them value price to suit their needs and to the individual flats and maisonettes as well.  In addition, we guarantee to them that the team shall be composed of professional and excellent cleaners as we do not want to ruin our reputation on delivering quality cleaning services for decades.  We also highlighted that we can give them back jobs at no additional expense should there be some aspects wanting from their own standpoint.

Even though there was no indication that this client might also include communal areas such as reception and lounge areas, we also included this cleaning aspect in the bid.  We explained to them that there is no need to contract separate cleaning services in this area as we offer several and different kinds of Professional Cleaning London services. They can never go wrong with FastKlean as they will experience high standard cleaning services at reasonable price.  Moreover, our company uses only industry standard cleaning materials and solutions which are eco-friendly and performed tasks which are more than the average standard, safe and sound.

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