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An expert has urged office cleaning professionals to forego using toxic cleaning products and focus on more eco-friendly alternatives.

VK Dunlop, vice-president of Go Vapor, said the company’s product line includes a range of non-toxic steam cleaners, which can enable office cleaning professionals to tackle tough stains without compromising health and safety.

The company’s Ladybug steam cleaners come fully equipped with thermo accelerated nano crystal sanitation (Tancs) technology, which has been tested by researchers and found to clean “thousands of times better than most chemicals”.

“In a world where consumers are often misled regarding the environmental benefits of a product, separating non-toxic products from those claiming to be green can be tricky,” Ms Dunlop said.

“With a Ladybug XL, greenwashing is not an issue. When equipped with Tancs, this incredible system is scientifically proven to disinfect with just water and heat.”

The steam cleaners are also designed to help office cleaners keep corporate spaces free of dirt and stains in an efficient and eco-friendly manner. Environmentally-friendly solutions company Taiga recently highlighted the benefits of green cleaning products when it comes to office cleaning and pointed out that these products help improve indoor air quality, which contributes to overall worker productivity.

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