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Office cleaning is vital to keep desks germ-free

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Office cleaning is vital when it comes to keeping work spaces free from dirt and germs, an expert has suggested.

Frances Both, health and society specialist at The Guardian, said that lurking beneath most workstations are likely to be a “hotbed of nasties”, which necessitates regular office cleaning.

She pointed out that there are typically thousands of microbes per square inch festering on desks, lingering in between key pads on keyboards and swarming over computer accessories.

The prevalence of germs in the average office is so bad that a study by the University of Arizona found that there are 400 times as many germs on the typical worker’s desk than on a toilet seat.

If left unchecked, germs could build up and pose a serious threat to health and safety, as well as bringing down the overall appearance of the office.

Working professionals are advised to clean their laptops, monitors and keyboards at least three times a week and always wash their hands after going to the toilet.

Workers could also consider hiring a contract cleaning service to conduct a thorough office cleaning.

For all office cleaning enquires, please get in touch with your nearest commercial cleaning company.

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