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Another day in the office and another work to remember

Wiltons Music Hall, London

Respect is earned, honesty is appreciated and loyalty is returned.

We always look out for those, who look out for us, simply because the above three are deeply embedded in our business minds and strategic growth over the last fifteen years and are the pillars we stand upon.

Integrity and loyalty are the bread and butter of any long-term investment and business relationship. We have had time to learn and apply all of the above principles and a relevant example of this is our long-lasting partnership with the world’s oldest working music hall, namely, the renowned Wilton’s Music Hall – east London’s most atmospheric gig venue, having played host to dramatic events for 182 years – from the Battle of Cable Street to live gigs by The Magic Numbers.

FastKlean was appointed as the official cleaning supplier to Wilton’s back in August 2008 and has proudly and diligently looked after the overall appearance and cleanliness of this legendary venue.

Apart from the regular cleaning services at Wilton’s, FastKlean has provided After builders services on two occasions as well as One Off services if and when need be. Our long-standing cleaning lady Nelly was the permanent placement at Wilton’s and has, for many years, proudly represented FastKlean as a company and a product. Please watch the video opinion from our client

Nelly has always enjoyed her time at Wilton’s and they loved her just as much. Sadly, she has recently changed career path and we have now appointed another experienced member of staff to set the bar even higher by providing exceptional service, thus enriching our legacy at Wilton’s.

Extra staff has also been required on a part-time basis which makes us happy as hard work is what we feed on.

Wilton’s is one of the best examples of how our professional management, comprehensively trained staff and great customer service have constituted a solid relationship, indisputable reputation and a business made to last.



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Written by Antoaneta Tsocheva

Antoaneta has been editing FastKlean news articles since 2001. Highly experienced, passionate and proactive professional. She is managing, motivating, training and developing, a successful and productive team and thrives in highly pressurised and challenging working environments. Antoaneta has strong attention to detail and ability to help others improve their performance.

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