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When’s the best time of day to do the housework?

When’s the best time of day to do the housework-How much time do you have to fit in housework each day?

If you’re retired, work from home or are a stay-at-home parent, you might have a little extra time in the house during the daytime to carry out household chores such as the vacuuming, which can create a lot of noise and could be deemed anti-social if done early in the morning or late at night.

In fact, this issue recently sparked a debate on Mumsnet, which was picked up by the Daily Mail, after one user of the online forum complained that she has been woken up several times by her next-door neighbour vacuuming before 7.30am in the morning or after 10.30pm at night. She also complained that the neighbour often turns their washing machine on at midnight, which then creates noise for a few hours.

The author of the post asked other Mumsnet users whether they agreed with her about it being anti-social to do such a noisy domestic chore at these times, which threw up some varied and interesting responses.

When should you do the housework?

Respondents to the original post tended to be divided into two camps. The first agreed with the lady who started the discussion that it was indeed anti-social and not very neighbourly to carry out noisy household chores at times when most people are sleeping.

However, others argued that before 7.30am and after 10.30pm are the only times that some people have to do their housework, before they leave for work and after they’ve come home in the evening, cooked and put the kids to bed.

One respondent wrote: “I think hoovering at 7.30am and 10.30pm is fine. Presumably they have to fit it in around work? It’s a normal household noise, as is the washing machine. They are not playing loud music or anything.”

People with routines outside of the traditional nine-to-five due to shift work are also more likely to need to do their housework at unconventional times of day and night, but this can lead to tensions arising among neighbours.

Another respondent stated that noise is unavoidable when living in a block of flats, but a different user said they believed that vacuuming very early in the morning was “unreasonable”, as “there’s many people that don’t have to wake up at 7.30am”.

With every household having a different routine and getting up and going to bed at different times, can there ever be a right time for the more noisy household chores?

Is there a right time?

If you work shifts or simply have a very busy work and social life that stops you from doing jobs around the house at a conventional time, but don’t want to end up angering your neighbours, then hiring the services of a professional cleaning company could be the perfect solution.

With FastKlean, you can choose when it’s most convenient for one of our experienced cleaners to visit your home to help with tasks such as the vacuuming. This means that if you’re out at work all day, you don’t need to annoy the people next door by doing the chores late at night, as they will have been done for you while you were out.

If you think hiring a professional cleaner could help to make your life easier, contact the FastKlean team today.

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