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Transforming short lets to dream properties – that is what we do

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Anyone familiar with the property market in the UK currently knows that not many properties are getting sold. There are great changes in the industry and it is no surprise that property managements companies need to adapt, if they wish to remain competitive. One of the most commonly observed practices is to list properties for short letting, instead of selling them.

That is a viable strategy, but one that comes with certain requirements. If one wishes to attract tenants quickly, then the property needs to be in a decent shape. This is one thing we at FastKlean are experts on.

We were recently contacted by two short let property management companies. They entrusted us with the task of keeping the properties in decent shape and we gladly took on that challenge. We are all aware that the industry is facing tough times, so we know the standard that we had to provide was nothing short of perfect.

Being in the industry for such a long time helped us develop a plan on how to deal with the job at hand and so far this has proven quite effective. Our cleaners work towards making the environment inside these short let properties 100% sanitised so that one is impressed the moment they walk through the front door. We sure like to work in such a way as to leave a lasting impression and demonstrate our skill when it’s needed the most.

Usually our clients contact us on a very short notice, but even that is not enough to prevent us from providing top tier service. Our cleaners are always ready to work their magic and prove that they are worthy of bearing the title ‘best cleaning experts in London’.

We look forward to facing further challenges.

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