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Ensuring student hostels in London are in flawless state

Student Hostel Cleaning in LondonOne of the jobs we have always felt particularly engaged in at FastKlean is cleaning various student hostels in London. These are usually grand cleaning projects, which involve numerous cleaners to deal with a lot of rooms in minimal time frame.

Our company has been dealing with this sort of cleaning projects for 6 years now. We remain a solid option as we have gained the experience needed to address this task to the required high standard. Cleaning student accommodation sites is not the typical cleaning service we deliver. For one, it features a huge number of rooms, which need to be properly cleaned. The hostels we are currently engaged in feature no less than 300 rooms per site. These are used by students every year and they are not located within a single campus. The idea is that all of them need to be cleaned immediately when the academic term ends as they are then let out to different organisations on a short-term basis. We then have to clean these once more before the start of the new term in September.

As anyone can imagine, dealing with such project within such a small time frame is not easy to do. However, FastKlean is not just your average cleaning company in London. We are a company with years of experience in the industry. As we have dealt with this several years in a row, we know exactly how to mobilise a large number of our professional cleaners and assign them to the job. In that sense, we muster about 20 to 30 cleaners to deal with the project. We then organise them into groups and have them do what they do best – deal with any room that has been vacated. Even though the number of rooms is significant and the time is so limited, we are diligent and address every cleaning chore to the high standard only our company can provide. Keep in mind, these are not just living rooms/bedrooms, but also kitchens, which require a more specialised approach.

Regardless of all these challenges, we always manage to complete the job in time. The companies that contract us trust that we can deal with the task properly and so far we haven’t let them down. We managed to exceed our clients’ expectations yet again this year and we will be on the job yet again, in August and September. The time period we have been given is 30 days, but we are confident that we can manage the job in a few days again. We know how to organise the process superbly, in a way that leaves no loose ends. Through such superb organisation, we are confident that we will once again be able to deliver the best cleaning service available in the capital.

FastKlean is on a mission to prove as a leading provider of cleaning services in London, particularly in regards to student accommodation sites. That is one particular project we will always feel ready to take on, despite of all the difficulties.

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