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Satisfying well-established property investment and development players

Cleaning Company LondonTowards the end of January our cleaning company was approached by Merchant Land. They are a well-established property investment and development company that has been in the industry for over 20 years. Surely that is a long time for a firm to establish solid standards and aim for nothing but the best.

Along these lines, we were delighted when they advised us to quote for a sparkle clean of one of their boutique developments. In particular, the project required a deep clean of 12 flats – every single area and room of the units – plus all communal areas, stairwells, fire escape and lift.

For a service at such scale, we could not provide a precise quote without carrying out a site visit, but this was swiftly organised for the following day, and detailed pricing breakdown was sent over to them the day after!

One has to appreciate the complexity of a sparkle clean, as there are multiple services included. Furthermore, various different areas and finishes had to be cleaned in a particular way, which required a specialist approach. The overall organisation was really strict in order to complete the works within an acceptable time frame.

It took us only two days from receiving the go-ahead to having our team of professional cleaners on-site. Seven of our top cleaners were sent to the premises along with one of our experienced supervisors to oversee the process.

It was quite evident from the start that the work cannot be completed within a day, but our operatives did their best to manage the whole project in just two days! Thanks to the modern gear we used and the outstanding training of our cleaners, the service was completed to a high standard and in what is considered a very short time frame.

Our client was so happy with the service provided that they immediately booked us for another service in two weeks’ time. It is another development of the same company that we will be happy to clean to perfection!

There is nothing more rewarding than earning the trust of a well-established company by doing what we do best – cleaning!

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