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Park Preservation

FOFFFlyer-FESTIVAL-FINAL-imageThere is nothing more important than preserving the environment and doing everything possible to make it a better place. At FastKlean we understand that and we have made it our mission to help in all preservation initiatives.

That is why when our head office was contacted by a client, who shared the details of a campaign against the transformation of Firs Farm Wetlands Park in Winchmore Hill to a block of flats, we didn’t hesitate to step in and show our support. The idea is that the area would lose a good portion of park space to what is supposed to become just another boring and dull block of flats. As if we don’t have enough of those already!

We firmly believe that open park lands allow people to get spend some time leisurely walking outside in attempt to shake off the stress of office and house work. How would that be possible without a place to take such walks?

Our sponsorship to the cause involved supporting a festival planned at the park on July 16. Our participation in this event is meant to provide what we are best at; you guessed right – cleaning! With big attendance planned, it is no wonder the festival is going to need a good number of toilets. It was estimated that the festival will feature more than 30 mobile chemical toilets, all of which are going to need a lot of cleaning. Such features often become quite unsanitary and messy, which can be a setback for the planned event and reduce the potential outcome.

That task sure is challenging, as it involves mobile teams of cleaners to cover no small ground and ensure that festival attendants don’t experience discomfort. Organising enough cleaners on the first day of the weekend was not easy, but FastKlean managed it! We have gathered a team of well-trained professionals, who will look after this chore.

We can guarantee that our staff will be there and they will perform their duty, despite the fact some of them were specifically called from their holiday breaks. They will remain vigilant throughout the event and help maintain the toilets perfectly clean and sanitary at all times. It is our promise and contribution to a worthy event!

At FastKlean we take pride in our professional cleaners, because they represent our work. It is through their skills and dedication that superb results are met. That is why we greatly appreciate their willingness to help and contribute to what we believe is an important cause. We use this opportunity to express our gratitude towards these professionals, who have once again stepped in to prove they are worthy of our trust. We respect their motivation and willingness to partake in what corresponds with our company values.

We also urge anyone interested in the preservation of the park to join in the festival. Keep an eye out for us – we will be there, doing our job!

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