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NHS asks FastKlean to carry out Professional Deep Cleaning

professional deep cleaning for the NHSAs part of FastKlean’s social responsibility, we have taken it upon ourselves to work closely with the NHS and various services around London. We strictly believe that doing what we do best for neglected properties is truly important and makes a difference. Through specialised approach, all of our dedicated cleaners carry out their duties to ensure delivering the outstanding cleaning standard that we pride ourselves in providing.

We were recently contacted by one of our clients from the NHS, who requested an on-site visit for a quote. What our supervisor discovered upon arriving at the property was rather scary. Complete neglect and piles of clutter made most of the interior of the 1 bedroom flat. Unsanitary is a mild way to describe the sorry condition the place was in. It quickly became evident that a skip would have to be arranged as well.

We didn’t back off. We accepted the challenge and even provided a skip to deal with the junk. In addition to that, we enlisted 4 of our professional cleaners to work for 10 hours in order to get the property in presentable state. We did all of that, as we truly believe our work is important and we completed the task at hand.

There is no doubt the job was difficult, but our staff showed resilience and dedication, and worked their magic to complete it to the highest of standards. What looked like a property that came straight out of a horror movie was transformed into a beautiful and nice place, worthy of being called comfortable living environment.

At FastKlean we take great pride in overcoming such challenges and continue to improve on our techniques to become even better at what we do. We don’t shy away from tough projects, such as this case – instead we give our best to see the work done.

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