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My AFK charity event with FastKlean as a partner

My Afk Charity Event With Fastklean As A Partner
At FastKlean we have always been supporters of all sorts of charities, especially ones with history of work in this field. We believe that such organisations provide immense good in communities and strive to support events and that take place throughout the year.

Such is the case with my AFK. The organisation’s purpose is to provide better life for disabled children and young people – a life everyone deserves. In their work with children in school aged 14 – 19 with special educational needs, the organisation aims to prepare adolescents for life after school. Of course, that is not the only group they help, as the company also works with students no longer engaged in full time education. Thanks to the effort of the team, these individuals learn more about money management, travel training, support access and much more. With expert employment coaches, my AFK organises specialised training and even job placements, aiming to help young people find paid work. But that is not all – the company has national mobility projects, which supply young children up to the age of 25 with mobility equipment not available on the NHS.

The special event my AFK organised took place at Canary Wharf from 9th July to 3rd August and it ultimately brought the beach to the centre of London. Beach volleyball on warm golden sands was the main focus of the event, along with fitness bootcamps and other sport activities. This year was the 10th anniversary of the event, which made it even more special. Everyone was free to watch the pros battle it out on the sand and show off their beach volleyball skills. Promoting healthy sport activities and lifestyle along with raising money for a good cause was really great.

We partnered with my AFK to help the event gain more popularity and grow. We believe that this goal was largely successful, judging by the numerous people who showed up and watched the games with interest. Beach volleyball in Canary Wharf in this splendid summer we got this year was really delightful. We witnessed some great plays from teams, all of which culminated in the All Stars Tournament, featuring previous champions of the event. It was a worthy spectacle!

We at FastKlean loved the organisation, the idea and basically everything about the event. That is why we promise we will get involved with the charity again in the near future.

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