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Keeping up with FastKlean: March Newsletter


Business is Waking Up 

We have made it through the gloomy and dull times of the winter and it is now the 1st of April. March was an eventful month – we have marked a handful of very important days and weeks and have finally welcomed the Spring – time to thrive and prosper. Business is waking up with increased bookings for spring cleaning, window cleaning and gardening renewal keeping our associates as busy as bees.

The Mother of All Sales

Our exciting March was unveiled on March the 6th by the Mother’s Day. For the most important person in our life and how we make Her feel as such – the Mother of All Sales was launched with a very special offer of 25% discount.

How lovely!

The Eight Wonder of the World 
March the 8th was the next big day in the calendar for us – the International Women’s Day.  Because women are considered to be the Eighth Wonder of the World we tried to make them feel special with amazing deals on all our services! In the spirit of the above, our company director was honoured by HSBC Holdings PLC, who invited her to their special International Women’s Day event as a gesture of appreciation for her long-standing loyalty as business customer.

Official Sponsor of the National Spring Cleaning Week

The National Spring Cleaning week came with 10% off all services. We were extremely proud to have our Operations Manager Peter live on 7 radio programmes talking about the importance of Spring cleaning and how FastKlean was involved. We have saved a copy of his interview on our website in case you have missed it. Read more

EGG-cellent Easter Deals Hunt

Last but definitely not least was our Egg-cellent Easter Deals Hunt to enjoy 10% off our product range and compliment the festive Easter weekend. Followed by more options for savings throughout the long weekend. Read more

May April be even busier and more exciting for us as well as for you.
~ Yours, FastKlean



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