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LLAS & UKLAP Summer BBQ & Networking Event

taj hotel st jame'sAt FastKlean we are particularly proud to have become part of the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme (LLAS) and UK Landlord Accreditation Partnership (UKLAP) Summer BBQ and Networking Event as sponsors. The event was held on Friday 15 July at the TAJ Hotel in St James’ Court, 51 Buckingham Gate, London, SW1E 6AF. It was a major event, which numerous people attended because of the great programme and the many opportunities that it presented.

We constantly monitor the situation with the private rented home properties, as our work includes cleaning and looking after such. Because of this, it was a great honour to be able to sponsor one such event, which brings all of the big names, tendencies and problems of the sector.

That is why it was so interesting to hear more on important topics such as ‘How to Balance the contradictory demands of Tax’, as listed in the programme, presented by Tony Gimple, MD of Less Tax for Landlords. We are certain that it was great for landlords to hear on how to manage various taxes, such as corporation tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty, income tax and inheritance tax. It is a topic we strongly believe concerns everyone – not just landlords, which is why it was so nice to see the solid interest from people, us included.

One more thing we should mention is the expected changes coming for landlords, in addition to the new rules for mortgage options on buy to let properties. Since this topic has become so important for landlords, it was great to hear the view of expert David Whittaker, MD of Mortgages for Business. It was a resourceful presentation with a specific approach on the issue and many tips for landlords on how to adapt to the forthcoming changes.
The event concluded with a great BBQ and Networking session, which was pleasant and presented many opportunities for us to meet many interesting people of the industry.

Overall, it has been a wonderful event and we hope that we can visit many more like it.

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