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Total transformation with our Sparkle and Hard Floor Cleaning Service at the Furzefield Leisure Centre

Furzefield-Leisure-Centre - spring cleaning and hard floor cleaning

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Usually, we are hired to clean a property, and we carry out the service in the most professional manner. On other occasions, though, we approach a job opportunity with more than just professional attitude, but also real interest because of the place itself.

Towards the end of November last year, we were approached by Createability Ltd, a leisure design construction company to quote for the deep cleaning of Furzefield Leisure Centre after a refurbishment they had carried out there. Furzefield is a well-known facility in the north part of the capital for indoor sports, fitness and other leisure activities. It had recently undergone refurbishment, and we were appointed to carry out a sparkle clean plus hard floor cleaning and polishing services.

We were given the go-ahead in mid-December and immediately started planning the sequence of cleans as we wanted the general public to resume with their favourite activities there as soon as possible.

The project commenced shortly afterwards once the assessment and planning were finalised on our end.

The initial stage of the service was focused around the deep clean and polishing of the tiled floors. Our specialist managed to cover 233 square metres of tiled floor area in a single day! Due to years of professional experience, the speed and high quality of the service were guaranteed.

Our staff managed the process from A to Z in a professional and tactful manner which led to an outstanding floor finish.

The second phase of the service was based around the deep cleaning of the toilets, urinals and around 50 shower cubicles. We assigned four of our best cleaners for a full day shift, who were guided by one of our Senior Supervisors. Our staff managed to achieve the desired results much quicker than originally anticipated, and Createability’s site manager found our service more than satisfactory! This was also later indicated by the management at Furzefield Centre after the handover of the project.

We enjoyed working on this amazing project. Hopefully, our staff will come here again, but as clients to experience the numerous activities which the centre has to offer!


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