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Why doesn’t society recognise dads’ efforts around the house on Father’s Day?

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In the run-up to Mother’s Day each year, the shops are full of cards telling mum to put her feet up and spend the day relaxing, alongside gifts designed to help her unwind.

But with many traditional gender stereotypes now outdated and men taking on more of the housework and childcare responsibilities, why don’t we see the same kind of messages ahead of Father’s Day?

This year, Father’s Day will be taking place on Sunday June 18th, providing people with a chance to celebrate their dad, grandfather or another male role model in their life.

However, a quick look in any card shop this week will show you that the majority of cards for dads are telling him to have a great day out in the garden or playing his favourite sport; very few acknowledge the fact that many do just as much work – if not more in some cases – than mums, and we aren’t giving them a chance to relax on their one special day a year.

Why we should recognise dads’ work around the house

Department store Debenhams recently carried out a survey that looked at what dads really want for Father’s Day, finding that many just want to relax and spend time with their families, as they work hard – both in their jobs and around the house – the rest of the year.

Speaking to Glasgow Live, manager of the city’s Debenhams branch Craig Barker commented: “Dads across the country spend a lot of time multi-tasking a career, family and a social life – they are pulled in a number of different directions.”

Women often expect their male partners to do just as much housework as them, so there shouldn’t be a double standard when it comes to giving them a rest on Father’s Day. Mums might dream of having help from a professional cleaner for a treat on Mother’s Day, so why shouldn’t the same presents be considered for dads?

We know that rest and relaxation are an important part of self-care and safeguarding mental wellbeing, so are power tools, sports gear and gardening equipment really the best gift options for dads who are already extremely busy and often overworked?

What do dads really want for Father’s Day?

Debenhams looked at what men would really like to receive on Father’s Day and Glasgow Live reported on the survey results.

It was found that over two-thirds (67 per cent) would like to go for a meal out with their family, giving both them and their partner a night off from cooking, while 65 per cent simply wanted to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

In contrast, just one-tenth wanted tickets to a football match, demonstrating that it’s wrong to assume men want traditional ‘bloke-y’ gifts for Father’s Day. Instead, 36 per cent said they would prefer a visit to a spa, while 23 per cent wanted to receive grooming products.

The poll found that men in Glasgow spend an average of five hours each day cleaning the house or looking after the kids, hence why they are more likely to want some relaxation similar to that offered to mums as standard on Mother’s Day.

What’s more, giving dads some time off from the housework, either by doing it yourself or paying for a professional cleaner to come in as a treat, will provide them with even more time to enjoy a well-deserved rest once Father’s Day is over.

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