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December Newsletter



Generosity is a virtue

What an amazing year we have all had. 2015 has now quietly retired to history and given way to 2016 – glamorously welcomed with no mountain high enough and no river wide enough to stop us. But before we shoot off to new heights we would like to sum up and say Thank you.

Make a Difference

In 2015 we were hard-working, generous and open-minded. We took up on an initiative of our own called ‘Make a Difference’ taking part in two charity campaigns for BBC Children in Need in December alone. We gave our share to BBC Children in Need by donating 5% of our profit raised over ten days prior to the Christmas period. This is how we have supported the lives of disabled children and young people in the UK. We will keep up the good work and will stay even closer to our friends from BBC Children in Need in 2016.

We Were Santa

For the festive period we took up on our own campaign called ‘We Are Santa’. It was extremely hard to choose The Best Letter to Santa and The Best Video to Santa out of so many amazingly composed requests to the Old Man. As much as we wanted to award each and every one of you, we have complimented the Christmas for only two of our participants with a John Lewis voucher and a comprehensive discretionary service for their home.


With January being halfway through now, it is our Facebook Photo Contest that we would like to kick-start the year with. Enter the draw for a chance to give your furniture a new lease of life.

Above and Beyond

In 2016 FastKlean will invest even more time being generous with more charity events and more causes to be nourished. Needless to say, we will go above and beyond to deliver even better services to You. We will also harness our full potential to utilize more opportunities in the commercial sector which will increase our overall capacity and will improve our general efficiency. All in all, we can’t wait to see what 2016 has got for us. Stay tuned for more updates on our activities and new offers for you – our valued clients.

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Written by Antoaneta Tsocheva

Antoaneta has been editing FastKlean news articles since 2001. Highly experienced, passionate and proactive professional. She is managing, motivating, training and developing, a successful and productive team and thrives in highly pressurised and challenging working environments. Antoaneta has strong attention to detail and ability to help others improve their performance.

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