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Biggest project of the year – completed! Time for celebration

fastklean-celebrating-15-yearsWe are heading towards the end of September and as always, we have done extremely well this month and have again shown why we pride ourselves so much.

The highlight of September was the completion of our commitment to Unite Students – homes for students. We have now accomplished what appears to be the most extensive cleaning of the year by completing 9 buildings comprising 2000 rooms, 300 studios and 200 kitchens within an extremely challenging time frame.

It is worth mentioning that one of the student buildings was the oldest of the whole compound and we can’t stress enough how neglected it was. For a moment we questioned our own capacity and capabilities. However, having work with Unite for five years now we have proven that there is no mountain high enough to subdue our resistance and burning enthusiasm.

Sleeves rolled up, hands mucked up…it was hard but we did it. An army of 60 committed cleaning operatives have deep-cleaned the students premises to an immaculate state. Carpet-shampoo was also introduced to complement the restored premises. And just when we were about to call it a day, a brand new building was added in motion which, in all honesty, felt like a kids’ game after the monstrous work we had already put in. Two days were scheduled for this last building, but our experienced cleaners have completed the job for just one. Hooray!

In the meantime, we were called to the rescue of another valued client in North London. They placed a last-minute request for 15 cleaners overnight and another 10 Monday to Friday in a similar student development in Wembley which had not been cleaned up to the desired standard – that’s no problem, Sir!

FastKlean have stepped in to make a difference. Just another chance for FastKlean to prove its exceptional quality of services, reliability and exemplary customer care.

It’s now time for CELEBRATION!

We will be celebrating our 15th Anniversary in October and can’t wait to pop up the well deserved champagne!

Stay tuned for special anniversary offers!

Hats to You, Dear FastKleaners – you are the best!

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