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Professional mattress cleaners

mattress cleaning london

mattress cleaning london

An expert has advised homeowners should carry out thorough mattress cleaning regimes on a regular basis.

Allergen exterminator Jeff May pointed out that washing bed sheets and blankets regularly helps increase hygiene levels and eliminate bed bugs that may be lurking with material fibres.

He explained that in order kill dust mites and other unwanted living organisms, sheets need to be washed using hot water at a temperature of at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit.
Bulky quilts should also be put in the dryer on low heat at least once a week.

Professional mattress cleaners can also be hired to carry out extensive pest repellent treatments throughout the bedroom.

Mr May suggested that householders should consider encasing all their mattresses and bed pillows with dust mite covers in order to reduce their families’ exposure to pests and insects.

He pointed out that the average mattress may contain up to 100,000 dust mites so it is extremely important not to forget to keep up hygiene levels at all times.

According to Bari Fagin of Bed Bath & Beyond, the bed is often the biggest decor statement in the bedroom. As such, it should always be the focus of any bedroom cleaning regime.

Please contact your local cleaning agency for all your bedroom cleaning needs.

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