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Use a domestic ironing service instead of dry cleaners

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A new survey has found that a huge number of people forget personal belongings in their clothes when they take them to the dry cleaners.

According to a poll conducted by Credant technologies, around 4,500 devices were forgotten in clothing items taken to be washed or garments destined for regular ironing services.

The survey found that the number of items forgotten in pockets and other obscure parts of clothing when taken to be washed has halved compared to when the same poll was conducted around 12 months ago.

Despite this, researchers say they number is still “staggering”. The huge proportion of forgotten items could cause an increased administrative burden for domestic cleaners trying to complete their washing and regular ironing services.

The survey also found that important items such as wedding rings were left in clothing taken to the dry cleaners, along with more mundane, everyday objects such as lipstick, pens and stockings.

When asked to state the strangest objects left in customers’ clothes at the dry cleaners, one respondent said they found a pair of false teeth.

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