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Professional Hard Floor and Carpet Cleaners for Primary School in Ruislip

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Greetings readers, last week one of the representatives of Fastklean Cleaning Company London visited a nursery and primary school in Ruislip Middlesex.  She was invited by the headmaster to give a quote for our hard floor cleaning and carpet cleaning services.

Working with young children is very challenging.  Just getting them to settle down before a lesson takes a lot of energy.  The mess left behind; spilt paint, paper trimmings, sprinkles of glitter and drops of white glue are a nightmare to remove from the carpet of a classroom.

Wet corridors because of children splashing around in puddles in the playground are a safety hazard.

We understand that school budgets are small and that most of it goes towards resources, which is why we provide professional hard floor cleaners and carpet cleaners at affordable rates.

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