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End of Tenancy Cleaning – The Ultimate Checklist (Infographic)

When you are moving out from your rented property, you cannot just leave it in total mess. You have paid a large security deposit which you will want to get back in full, but the landlord is entitled to make deductions if the property is not returned in the same condition as you found it. This, always, is invariably far more costly than if you attended to the matter yourself.
The best way to ensure that you do not face this problem is to ensure a thorough clean of the property.

Please check out the infographic we have put up together on the end of tenancy cleaning checklist that must be addressed.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Ultimate Checklist

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Your best solution is to engage a professional cleaning company fully experienced in end of tenancy cleaning. These are some of the many benefits of hiring experts:

  • You leave on good terms with the landlord – since getting your security deposit back in full largely depends on your landlord, you want to ensure that they see a nicely refreshed place that will welcome new tenants, not one that prevents them from letting the property.
  • You will not need to spend you valuable time and efforts cleaning – end of tenancy cleaning can be tough to handle, especially when you are no expert. It involves multiple energy sapping tasks, all of which you can leave to skilled operatives.
  • You actually save money – when you hire experts to deal with this job, you essentially guarantee yourself the full return of your security deposit. Try it yourself and you may miss areas, or not attend to areas properly, which you will be penalised for by your landlord deducting a large sum from your deposit. So it might seem expensive initially, but it can end up saving money and lots of stress, which is always nice.
  • You get the job done quickly – it is amazing to see how quickly professionals can address all end of tenancy cleaning tasks. It may take you several days to achieve what one team can do in a few hours, safe in the knowledge that this will be done to the highest standard without compromise.

At FastKlean, we adhere to such an end of tenancy cleaning checklist. We go through every step of the process with meticulous diligence and care, since we know it is the minor details that matter the most. We will gladly take on any end of tenancy cleaning challenge. Give us a call at 020 8884 9149 or book our services online.

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