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London Cleaning Agencies Come Together to Expose Disloyal Cleaners

Domestic Cleaning London

Working With Other Cleaning Companies In London Has Its Advantages

Hello readers, this is breaking news from FastKlean Cleaning Company London.  For the last few months we have had issues with frequent cancellations of our regular domestic cleaning services and our house cleaners making excuses not to take on certain jobs.

After some suspicions based on previous experience and some thorough investigating, we have discovered that these clients have been stealing our domestic cleaners, persuading them to go private.  This is in breach of the contract agreed upon by the clients and their cleaning agency, which is reason enough to be taken to court over.

This is an issue that many domestic cleaning agencies in London must tackle in order to keep their business running and support their office staff that work very hard to win clients for these cleaners.

Some of us, including Anyclean, Perfect Clean, Top Cleaners, and many other cleaning companies in London are working together to expose these disloyal cleaners and cheating clients who abuse our services.

While our house cleaners London can work for private clients that they have acquired themselves outside of the cleaning agency’s services, they are not allowed to work for people that have cancelled with us until eighteen months have past.

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