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Domestic cleaners urged to use natural materials

domestic cleaning

domestic cleaning

Domestic cleaners London should make use of natural materials when cleaning dirt around the house, an expert has suggested.

Industry specialist Roy Berendsohn, of Popular Mechanics, said householders should use materials such as lamb’s wool to sweep cobwebs out of corners, crevices and alcoves around the home.

Writing on MSN Real Estate, he suggested that house cleaners can alternatively use a synthetic duster or wall brush to remove cobwebs and a forked dusting tool for ceiling fans, which cleans both sides of a fan blade in one go.

Mr Berendsohn also advised domestic cleaners that when it comes to cleaning very tall ceiling, they ought to use an elongated device, which will be able to reach all the difficult-to-reach crevices.

“Get a telescoping cleaning pole that has an Acme thread on its end,” he advised.

“Typical homeowner models range from five to 15 feet, approximately, but professional models can reach as high as 30 feet.”

Mr Berendsohn added that householders should not forget to use tall or hybrid stepladders when carrying out precarious domestic chores around the home.

Alissa Marrapodi, associate editor of Natural Products Marketplace, recently noted that consumers and companies alike are beginning to use natural products more in place of chemical-based products.

For all your domestic cleaning needs, please contact your local London cleaning agency.

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