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Domestic Cleaners In London Are Up To Any Tasks

Domestic Cleaners London

Domestic Cleaners Can Clean After Your Children And Animals No Problem

Hello readers, we have another update for you from the office of FastKlean Cleaning Company London.  We recently received a phone call from a potential client who wanted a quote for regular domestic cleaning in West London.

Now I know that doesn’t sound very exciting. After all we have thousands of clients receiving domestic cleaning services, what makes this client so blog worthy?

First of all it’s a pretty big house, with eight bedrooms.  The owner has six children, a large, but friendly dog, and two cats.  So yes, it’s an impressive and busy household and no doubt these factors alone will mean that our domestic cleaners will have their work cut out for them.

Of course we won’t be so cruel as to assign a domestic cleaner that is afraid of large dogs, we always ask our clients if there are children or any animals on the property during the booking process so that there are no surprises.  However, I do believe that no amount of forewarning will prepare even the bravest of our domestic cleaners in London for the set of residents I have yet to mention…GEESE!

That’s right, this client has geese living, not nearby the property, but within this eight bedroom house AND they have a nest…with eggs!

Now I’m not entirely sure that our professional cleaners will be expected to go into any rooms that the geese are residing in, but that to me is quite possibly the most surreal and scariest scenario I can imagine our guys will ever be put through.

I do hope we learn more about this job as the work actually begins.  I for one see potential for a great reality TV show!

If you’re in need of a domestic cleaning service or a one off clean, then call us on 020 8884 9149 for a free quote.  Our domestic cleaners in London are up for any task!

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