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Professional Cleaners in Tower Hamlets

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Professional Cleaners Can Make A Major Difference

Hello readers, here is the latest from FastKlean Cleaning Company London.  Those who have been following us may have already read about the massive contract we received in Tower Hamlets to clean up nine-hundred blocks of flats.

Our professional cleaners London were very successful in making these neglected buildings sparkle.  The work is still ongoing and Tower Hamlets have hired fifteen more of our contract cleaners to complete this major task.

They had previously hired another contract cleaning company in London to join in the effort to bring these buildings up to scratch, but they were not satisfied with the cleaning service they provided.

This contract cleaning service has been ongoing since early August, but there’s still work to be done.  We initially hired forty professional cleaners and three supervisors especially for the project.  They have done an excellent job of window cleaning, stone cleaning and deep cleaning the common areas of these blocks of flats that were in dire need of a miracle before our team came along.

We are looking forward to new challenges and more major projects like this, and of course, we will keep our readers up-to-date.

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