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Contract Cleaning Services for Secondary Schools in Haringey

School Cleaning London

Contract Cleaners Can Make Schools Clean And Safe For Students

Hello readers, here is the latest update from FastKlean Cleaning Company London.  We have been invited to a tender for contract cleaning services at a number of secondary schools in Haringey.

We have attended an interview for a framework agreement where five commercial cleaning companies London will be picked.  The school cleaning will commence in September and will be an on-going process throughout the new term.

Some of the questions put forward at the interview were regarding the history of the commercial cleaning company and an insight into our cleaning staff.

To enter this framework agreement would be a tremendous opportunity for us and we are confident in the expertise of our professional school cleaners.  Between them they have many years of experience in commercial cleaning, providing cleaning services for large retail establishments, office buildings and schools.

We understand the importance of a clean and safe environment in secondary schools.  Corridors can become very crowded within minutes of a bell ringing.  With hundreds of students rushing at once to reach their next class, or to the playground, it’s enough for them to try not to drip over themselves without worrying about a messy corridor and any fallen object, debris or piece of litter for them to slip on.

Also, it is a well known fact that the students will treat the school property with more respect if all the windows, corridors and classrooms are spotless.  It also helps to stimulate their minds, making them more willing to learn, where as a filthy school will be treated with contempt and the minds of its students demoralised; their attention focused more on getting out of the dull, rundown classroom instead of listening to the teacher.

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