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A new training programme for contract cleaning professionals

contract cleaning services

contract cleaning services

Officials in Northern Ireland have launched a training programme for contract cleaning professionals.

The Western Health and Social Care Trust is now officially recognised as a centre of training for the Cleaning Operators Proficiency Certificate, which is accredited by the British Institute of Cleaning Science, reports the Londonderry Sentinel.

According to the trust, the introduction of the new training scheme for contract cleaning staff shows that it has a firm commitment to improving cleanliness levels and reducing incidents of healthcare-associated infections.

The new regulations also demonstrate the trust’s commitment to developing best practice among support service staff and contract cleaners, the trust added.

Will Doran, Western Trust assistant director for facilities management, told the Londonderry Sentinel: “Now that the Western Trust is a recognised training centre, [it] means the Cleaning Operators Proficiency Certificate can be delivered directly to support services staff in the west.

“Being able to deliver this training locally means it can be done efficiently and to a wide group of staff.”

He added that regional training will help to raise overall hygiene standards and give due recognition to staff for the important role cleaning plays within the trust.

Recent figures released by Northern Ireland’s Department of the Environment show that the region spent nearly £100,000 on contract cleaning services last year.

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