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How to Clean Your Computer

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Over time, dust can build up inside your keyboard.  To clean this properly you will need to remove the individual keys and wipe inside with a microfiber cloth.  Take care when replacing keys that have springs on them, they can be tough.

To prevent dust entering the keyboard simply place an extra place mat over it when it’s not in use.  Also, keep food and drinks away from the computer.  Liquids and electronics do not go well together.

Preventing dust and spillages from entering your keyboard is much easier than cleaning it yourself.  If it’s an office computer, you wouldn’t want to be stuck with the responsibility of cleaning it at the end of your shift.

Dust build up inside the computer can create static and over-heating, which could cause serious damage to the computer.  The last thing an office manager wants is to buy a replacement and have to re-install all the required software necessary to continue business.  This is why cleaning the computer on a regular basis is very important.

Sometimes dust can’t be helped in the office, but fortunately there are professional cleaning companies in London who offer computer cleaning services.

Computer cleaners have specialist equipment and expert knowledge to make your computer look brand new.

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