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Commercial cleaning improves hygiene and cleanliness levels

commercial cleaning London

commercial cleaning London

Officials in Northern Ireland spent almost £100,000 on commercial cleaning services to improve hygiene and cleanliness levels in the city.

According to figures released by the Department of the Environment, Northern Ireland’s 26 local authorities spent approximately £93,150 a day on street cleaning last year.

Altogether, councils spent a total of £34 million on street cleaning last year, with Belfast City spending the most (more than £10 million) on commercial cleaning teams.

The figures show that other councils spent more than £1 million on removing litter and dirt from city streets and amenities.

Environment minister Edwin Poots said the vast sums of money spent on cleaning could have been put to more productive use, such as improving parks and playgrounds.

Councillor Betty Campbell, chair of the Environmental Services Committee, added: “If you think about the amount of money that is spent on cleaning up our streets every year it is very disappointing indeed as some of this cost could be avoided.

“The litter on our streets is essentially a problem created by people and every person needs to take ownership and responsibility for making our rural roads and city streets cleaner and tidier.”

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