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The scariest Halloween stains and how to deal with them

Halloween Cleaning Tips Fastklean
Halloween is not only about witches, vampires, mummies and all kinds of scary costumes, but also … stains. One of the most horrifying moments of the holiday is not just seeing scary characters with realistic make up and well-made costumes all over the place, it is the clean-up that follows.

With so much trick-or-treating taking place, so many party drinks being poured and such grand feasts to be had, it is only a matter of time before a stain occurs. Don’t let a single stain distract you from the great holiday. Everything can be cleaned, as long as you follow some tested techniques. We have compiled a guide on the most common Halloween stains and how to treat them.

  • Face paint – the course of action you take largely depends on the type of paint used: oil or water based. Normally, you should avoid using oil-based paint, because it is rough on fabrics if it stains them. More importantly, it is also bad for your skin! Especially if worn for long periods. Still, if it does cause a stain, simply grab an absorbent pad, wet it with white spirit and dab the area. Afterwards, use a sponge and water to clean the stain. If the stain is on your clothes, wash them at high temperature. Water based stains are much less of a challenge. Use cold water on the affected area and launder. If the mark has dried, stain removal may prove to be a challenge. You may have some success with a paint remover or detergent.
  • Pumpkin – pumpkins are the symbol of Halloween and there are numerous things you can do with them. It is only normal to try your hand at pumpkin carving or use the plant as decoration. If some pumpkin material ends up the carpet, you first need to pick up as much of the solid debris as possible. Follow that with a cold water rinse. Washing-up liquid works well against pumpkin stains. Use it with warm water to dab the stain. When it is gone, blot the area with a dry towel.
  • Fake blood – another material used to enhance your appearance for the holiday is fake blood. This liquid consists of dye and syrup, which can be a devastating combination for any fabric. If your clothes acquire a stain, you should treat the affected area with white vinegar and then soak the item in water overnight. Proceed to wash the piece of clothing afterwards. If the stain is on the carpet, use club soda and blot. Repeat till the stain is gone.
  • Chocolate – one of the ingredients that every Halloween needs, be it in the form of candy or chocolate blocks. Regardless of where chocolate has ended up, you must first scrape up or blot the excess. If the stain is on clothes, just soak them in biological detergent for at least one hour. During that time, you should blot the stain every 10 minutes and then wash. If the stain is on your carpet, apply a specialised stain remover for best results.
  • Sugary treats – with what seems like a ton of sugary treats floating around on Halloween, you should stay alert. They may leave sticky residue behind, which is not only nasty per se, but also attracts more dirt. Applying some dish washing detergent and blotting the area works well. First make sure no solid residue remains.
  • Punch – punch is the drink of choice for many people on Halloween, both young and old. Fruit punch, also known as the children version, should be treated with a specialised stain remover. If this doesn’t completely fix the issue, you may be in need of a carpet shampoo. Fruit punch on clothes is easier to fix, because it only requires a good rinse and wash at 40 degrees. Alcohol punch is best affected by a mix of washing-up liquid and 2 cups of water. Use this to dab the stain and blot until it is gone. Rinse the affected area with cold water once you are done and blot to dry.

Knowing how to address stains will give you some peace of mind and make your Halloween more exciting.

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