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How to clean up after your pets

how to clean after pets - cat and dog mess
We love our dogs and cats, but let’s face it, they can leave a lot of mess around the house and cleaning up after them can be a nightmare.

So what can you do to make keeping the house spick and span a little bit easier?

Well, here are a few recommendations for you.

Catch pet hair with damp cloths

Dogs and cats will be malting all over the place and leaving clumps of hair in every corner of the house. But you can easily pick them up with a damp cloth, a wet wipe or a sponge. The moisture will grab hold of the pet hair far better than a dry duster or a hoover.

A lint roller can also be an effective tool for cleaning your home after your pet has made its presence felt, particularly if you’re in a rush or you have guests coming round.

Freshen the house with bicarbonate of soda

Bicarbonate of soda is an invaluable cleaning aid, delivering the goods in everything from scrubbing pans to unblocking drains. But it’s also great for leaving a house with a pet feeling and smelling fresh.

For instance, if your pet regularly shares your bed, add a cup of bicarbonate of soda when you get round to putting the sheets in the washing machine.

Alternatively, keep the smell of the litter tray at bay by adding a layer of bicarbonate of soda underneath.

Buy a pet-friendly vacuum attachment

These useful adapters allow you to remove loose fur from your pet dog straight away, before they leave it all over the house. It’s a gentle way of grooming them and one that tackles the problem straight at the source.

Obviously, read the instructions first to avoid causing your pet unnecessary distress. Each animal will have its own tolerance for being cleaned in this way.

Leave cleaning tools by the door

If you’re taking the dog out for a walk and there’s every chance it will walk mud into the house afterwards, why not tackle the problem straight away by leaving a clean cloth and some water by the door? By having them ready to go the moment you get home, you’ll be preventing your pet running into the house and leaving a dirty trail behind them.

Bring in a professional cleaner

If the smell of pets is lingering and the job of keeping the house clean is too much, bringing in a professional cleaning service could be a good option for you.

They can use their specialist knowledge and equipment to give your home a proper deep clean and make it feel pure and fresh once again.

Of course, your pet will quickly leave its mark all over your gleaming house straight away, but that’s exactly why you need to know a few useful cleaning tips and keep on top of everything day after day.

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