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Professional Cleaning Company to clean a Large Hotel in London

Cleaning Company

Cleaning Company

Recently, a really large internationally-recognized company contacted us. They explained that they have just commenced working on an extensive project here in London, and major building and finishing works are taking place on site. As they were considering a very deep-clean of the whole property for the near future, they kindly invited one of our Sales persons to attend on a site visit and to provide the company with a detailed quote for the upcoming cleaning services to be carried out. The clients’ choice for a London Cleaning Company could be easily justified – they were looking for someone experienced and reliable. And they’ve turned to us – well-established company, registered more than 12 years ago, fully accredited by numerous organizations, and with an extensive experience in the cleaning business sphere.

After the quote was scheduled and took place, we then set up a proposal for the entire Professional Cleaning Service, and passed it on to the clients to consider. Eventually, after considering the costs and all of the details, they have chosen our Cleaning Company as providers for the discussed cleaning services. In fact, the property is a large hotel, where we performed a professional after-builders sparkling clean. We sent our team of professionally trained after-builders’ cleaners, who are methodical and efficient, and have gone through a special program which focuses on high standards and attention to detail.  Along with the team of professional cleaners we sent an additional team of some of our supervisors in order to manage the process on site, and to make sure that the service goes as smooth as possible. Our London Cleaners have worked very hard to achieve an extremely high standard, and the property was left in a great condition.  All windows were cleaned, all surfaces professionally wiped and polished, all restrooms and single bedrooms were spotless. At the end, the clients were extremely satisfied with the final result, and they assured us that we have met their expectations to the highest standard.

Our cleaning services are specifically designed to suit every client’s requirements. As we use the latest technology and materials, our cleaners are able to work to an extremely high standard. All of our cleaners are very well-trained, fully insured and police-checked.

Furthermore, ever since the professional after-builders cleaning service took place, the clients have been using our cleaning services on regular basis. We are sending a number of cleaners every week to maintain an outstanding cleaning standard within the hotel’s premises. In addition, shortly afterwards, few other large construction companies started contacting us in request for the various types of cleaning services that we provide. The most frequent ones are related to professional carpet steam-cleaning and regular commercial office cleaning. In the end, all of the clients, past and recent, remain fully satisfied from the outstanding standard of cleaning that our company delivers.

If you wish to try one of services offered by the best London Cleaning Company, feel free to get in touch  with us at any time on: 020 8884 9149 or feel free to visit our website on:

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