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Professional Cleaning Company London proves once again

Cleaning Company London

Cleaning Company London

Professional Cleaning Company proves once again

Meeting was set up.  Our representative reported that the client was quite nervous to meet us.  Both parties immediately sat down and discuss the contract.  Our team member who represented us in the meeting enumerated the tasks to be performed from serious ones to minor cleaning.  The other party was astounded to learn that it would take a lot of work because there were some damages enumerated to them which they did not know.

Professional Cleaning Company

This client was further impressed when we showed to them several images of Cleaning Company jobs we performed to hundreds of our customers.  It was then they made a remarked that they have wasted lots of money by hiring those inefficient companies who worked for them to clean their hostel.  They agreed to give us a trial job and once they are satisfied they will renew their contract with us.

Cleaning Company London was so excited that we immediately plan for this mission.  Teams were set up to perform window repair, curtain cleaning, communal makeover, tile and floor cleaning, mattress cleaning, and bathroom surface cleaning.  We need to create individual teams for these jobs so that we can finish them in just 3 days considering that the undertaking involves more than the usual end of tenancy cleaning; it involves repairs too.  We instructed the team members during the briefing that the company expects the usual professionalism we extended to our clients.  We want to add this student hostel account to our growing list of satisfied customers and another repeat business for us.

We made another client visit to inform them that we are ready to clean their hostel.  They gave us the go signal to proceed a day after tomorrow.

In case you need added specifics about our Cleaning Company in London, please get in touch with us on 020 8884 9149.

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