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FastKlean’s 2013 Wrap Up

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Professional Cleaners


2013 was a total roller coaster for FastKlean, and by roller coaster, we mean a crazy combination of intense and moderate cleaning projects. For more than 10 years in the cleaning industry, it has always been a surprising year-end evaluation, and our 2013 roller coaster is something we want to experience again. Not only did we accomplish so much, but we also gained a good number of both new and loyal clients plus we also gained so much experience and learning.

FastKlean’s 2013

The year started out smoothly. Most of our tasks involved cleaning student hostels and preparing rooms as well as studios. Many students arrived during the month of January after short lettings were given, and thus, some hostels needed thorough cleaning. The month was also the beginning of intense cleaning, which usually involved cleaning commercial kitchens. Apparently, the kitchen is synonymous to excessive cleaning, simply because they are one of the trickiest places to clean.

As the year continued, FastKlean was contacted for different cleaning services. Spring arrived and we didn’t even notice how fast the time passed by. Later did we know people started calling us for spring cleaning services. We catered houses and apartments of typical individuals as well as buildings and commercial premises of business people. Spring cleaning just had a different approach because it was an in-depth general cleaning, which meant we either had to send more cleaners who could finish the job quicker or we just had to deal with the usual time-span of such cleaning. FastKlean did both, depending on the demand of the public.

Moreover, because summer was coming up, after and pre-tenancy cleaning started to bloom. More and more private landlords started to call us asking us about our services and making bookings over the phone. Our customer service department was surely feeling the pressure of the year because aside from April, spring through summer were the busiest times. Alongside proving after tenancy cleaning, the company also cleaned hundreds and thousands of homes in Central and Greater London. Most of these started as one-time cleaning and because of our quality cleaning with reasonable rates, most one-time cleaning services turned into regular. Selective cleaning on different fixtures like carpets, sofas, upholstery fixtures and windows also raised.

During May 2013, we knew that students were going to start checking out of their hostels and apartments thus, we knew we had to do some heavy cleaning. It got to the point when we needed to pull out all of our regular cleaners so that they could help the other cleaning teams. Until the 7th of July we managed to clean hundreds of rooms every week.

In fact, sometime in the 3rd week of June, we had already finished cleaning 100 rooms and 20 kitchen areas for 4 hours only. Just imagine how big our cleaning team was to be able to finish such a job. Positively, the manager told us she wanted FastKlean to work for her September cleaning project – another project we prepared for.

The cleaning company also dealt with 2 hostels that required summer weekly cleaning because they had rentals for summer students. Aside from the weekly cleaning, they also hired linen keepers from us. This was the time when 10 of our cleaners had to work every day for weekly cleaning and this lasted for approximately 2 months. Apart from that, we also had regular cleaners working on daily cleaning tasks for offices and houses.

August was yet another “cleaning student hostels” month, but this was something bigger. A team of 30 cleaners were hired by the start of the month and later on, another 20 teams were placed on the HIRED list. We had a total of 11 hostels to clean thus; all our cleaners were very busy from the 1st up to the 17th of September. FastKlean was even faced with an instance where 245 rooms plus 45 kitchens had to be cleaned in 24 hours. This is where we had to use 100 regular cleaners and 5 carpet cleaners to be able to catch up with the tough deadline. Antoaneta Tsocheva, the company manager was also present to ensure such huge task was managed well. 2 of our supervisors – Gergana and Svetlana had to stay to ensure everything was completed. In fact, they left the area at 5am, after our cleaners finished their task. The manager, Kristina was very amazed and glad of what our company did and she sent FastKlean a big thank you.

We had 2 major projects in September but alongside that were other cleaning projects which kept all of our cleaners busy. FastKlean was contacted to do an end of tenancy cleaning for a client with a big-time property. This required a bigger cleaning team than usual. Aside from that, we also dealt with old restaurants which were quite difficult to clean because they were open during daytime and all week long. Nevertheless, we managed to polish every corner. There are also lots of luxury flats that we cleaned in the same month.

The “ber” months continued and both October and November made FastKlean busier than ever, but we knew the work was going to double once December stepped into the page. We cleaned a pharmaceutical company sometime in November and because this was yet another health-related facility, we knew we needed to perform at our very best. An estate agent also called us and mentioned we were referred to him by a good friend. He needed his own cleaning task to be done by professionals and so, FastKlean was there. We also polished a good dose of business companies and flats.

Before the year ended, FastKlean stepped on the acceleration pedal for the last time in 2013. December was, as expected, a very busy month. We were contacted by a property management and this was in the norm. What’s new for us was the artist club. Indeed, December was the month for new experiences and cleaning an artist club where big-time, creative individuals stay for leisure pressured us to the bones. Contact us

As a wrap-up, 2013 was a very productive year for FastKlean. We gained a good dose of experience which will surely benefit the company and our cleaners. Trouble and problems were at the minimum and we’re so grateful for the trust people put in us. Now, we’re trying our best to make 2014 a whole lot better.

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