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A Loyal Client Strikes Again – FastKlean Contacted for Kitchen Deep Cleaning

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For the past year of 2013, FastKlean was really grateful that both our new and loyal clients increased. We are more than thankful for the word of mouth referrals and for the credits given to us, which made all people in the company very busy. This 2014, we’re up for another busy and productive year. One client, who already booked our services before, recently contacted us for another cleaning service. After receiving the call, we knew this is going to be a big work for the client is very meticulous, especially now that he needs kitchen cleaning.

FastKlean Contacted for Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Good thing FastKlean never says no to any challenge. After we received his call, we immediately scheduled a visit to his restaurant. Apparently, we’re going to clean a commercial kitchen which is far more extensive than typical home kitchens. As expected, the dining area of the restaurant was clean and well-maintained. One of our heads for the cleaning team was motioned to the kitchen where he and the client discussed more about the service to be booked.

According to the gathered information, the client wants a Kitchen Deep Cleaning. Because it’s a restaurant, it’s essential to clean the place thoroughly only when the customers are gone, which is after 23:00. The client wants us to clean every inch of all kitchen appliances as well as the extractors. He also has 1 big professional oven with 3 racks and 1 double pizza oven to be cleaned efficiently. Last on the list of services, the client wanted us to move all appliances and fixtures in hit kitchen, as much as possible, to clean every inch of the floor.

This doesn’t sound too much for a professional and pioneering company like FastKlean. We immediately worked our way on figuring which angle our client can save the most cash. The head of the cleaning team assigned to this project gave all information he was able to gather and wasting no time, he immediately briefed his team. Because all our cleaners are well-trained, the company was sure they’ll be able to keep up with the needs of meticulous clients like this one.

Apart from preparing for their services, we also conducted in-depth studying and service rate review to ensure our client will spend just the right amount. Our accounting team studied all angles possible to give this client the best service quote for the professional over cleaning and the Kitchen Deep Cleaning. After days of reviewing the quote, we forwarded it to the client to let him know how much would his desired services cost.

Currently, FastKlean is waiting for the client’s response. It has only been a few days since we submitted our proposal and we’re very much excited to work on this project. Equally, the company perfectly understands the process of hiring cleaners wherein bidding may sometimes take place. Patience is the key at this point. We came up with the best quote we could give and every person in the team assigned to this potential project has crossed fingers that we get this; for with our positive track record, we have a strong feeling that we will. Get more info.

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