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London cleaning companies help each other to clean student accommodations

London Cleaning Companies

London Cleaning Companies

Greetings readers, as you can imagine, there is a lot of competition among London cleaning companies as we all strive to increase our presence in the capital and compete at tenders for large clean-up projects in the residential and commercial sector.

However, there are occasions where London cleaning companies will collaborate in order to meet a tight deadline and there is a lack of available manpower on the payroll.  This was certainly the case last week for our biggest competitor Anyclean.

As the new semester begins, university campuses, student hostels and landlords are under pressure to get their accommodations immaculate before the flood of students arrive, and they often rely on London cleaning companies to get the job done.

We at FastKlean Cleaning Company were approached at the last minute by the director of Anyclean, asking if we could supply ten of our professional cleaners to help clean student hostels over three days.  Of course, we were happy to oblige.

Over the last ten years, our two London cleaning companies have maintained a professional relationship.  There have even been a number of occasions where individual cleaners have been caught breaking the terms in their employment contract, stealing clients and working for them privately.  In such instances, either cleaning company will warn the other should an application form show up on the other’s desk.

London cleaning companies do a lot for their community, making homes, businesses and public properties spotless, pleasant and hygienic places to spend time in. They also pride themselves on honesty, respect and dedication to all their clients.

We provide a variety of cleaning services in Greater and Central London, including surrounding areas beyond the M25 for carpet cleaning. If you would like a free quotation for any of our cleaning services call us on 020 8884 9149.

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